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Triple+ Safe@Home

How it works:

Motion sensors are used to detect movement.
Magnetic sensors are placed on doors to send alerts when opened or closed.
Smoke and CO detectors are monitored by a central hub
Panic Button is worn in case of emergency or fall

The vast majority of Canadians are planning to remain in their homes as long as possible. This is where they raised their families and developed strong social networks within their neighbourhood. However, as we age, risks to our health and wellbeing increase. How can we keep our ageing family, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles safe while still allowing their independence?

One answer is technology. There are a plethora of devices that can be installed throughout the home to help occupants, and others, ensure their safety. TriplePlus is a technology company specializing in the Internet of Things: Which is a fancy way of saying devices that are connected to the Internet. TriplePlus has just launched Safe@Home. Safe@Home is a suite of sensors that are designed to give seniors, and their loved ones, peace of mind by letting them know that the normal routine of daily living is being followed

Safe@Home is a non-intrusive network of sensors that includes motion detection, door sensors, smoke & carbon monoxide (CO) detection and emergency notification. The sensors are places throughout the home and will passively react to motion, or the lack thereof, and provide notification accordingly.

We all develop routines that we tend to stick to. We wake up, eat, exercise and sleep at approximately the same time periods every day. Safe@Home is designed to work with this regular routine.

Motion sensors, more typically associated with alarm systems, are used by Safe@Home to detect movement. In this case, Safe@Home is paying attention to movement, at specific time periods throughout the day. For example, if your father, living alone, tends to get up early in the morning, around 8am, the motion sensor will detect this but do nothing. However, if no motion is detected by 8:30, the system will send a notification to let you know. Did dad sleep in or is something more serious going on?

Magnetic sensors, attached to anything that opens, like front, side and fridge doors, will send alerts when they open or close. The front door is an obvious location. Dad usually leaves home around 10 to meet friends at the coffee shop, and he is usually back by noon. If the front door does not open around these times the system will again send a notification. Did he not go today? Why has he not returned? You will know and can therefore give him a quick call to see if everything is alright. Other important doors to monitor are the fridge or medicine cabinet. Is dad eating and taking his medication? Safe@Home will let you know if these doors are opening so you have some level of comfort around these important activities.

Most homes do not have smoke or CO detectors that are monitored by an outside service like the fire department or an alarm company. Safe@Home’s Acoustic Sensor is designed to listen for only these alarms and will send notifications immediately to let someone know that there might be an emergency like fire, or simply a stove or oven left running!

While we all hope for the best, we need to be prepared for the worst, particularly where our ageing loved ones are concerned. For this reason, Safe@Home comes with a wearable panic button that helps dad let you know if there is an emergency. If you get the panic notification, you can immediately dial 911 or head directly for his house!

TriplePlus designed Safe@Home to be very user friendly and inexpensive to operate. The system is delivered pre-configured so all you need to do is insert batteries, plug in the Hub and connect to your internet. Once done, you can set schedules for all sensors to provide a safe environment without knowing that anything is there! Safe@Home does not require any monthly subscription and you can have as many people monitor the system as you like.

Safe@Home includes a free APP for your phone where you can manage all of the features and functions to fully customize the system so that it provides peace of mind without anyone knowing it’s there!


Allowing Independence for Seniors and Peace Of Mind for Their Loved Ones